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Call us CV plumbers then! We run a CV builder, after all. You're inventive and need freedom. Our CV templates are the canvass for you to make a masterpiece of your own.

Take a break from teaching and be the student for a moment. Give us 15 minutes to teach you the best way to write a CV for teaching positions to get you back in the classroom. Our data-driven approach to crafting the best CV will help you engineer your own to help you get your next dream position.

If you want to work in a 5-star restaurant, you need a 5-star CV. Use our examples of CVs for the food industry as a recipe to cook up your own. Think of our CV examples as GitHub. Your goal is to put on that uniform and canvass the streets. Our CV templates and expert advice will enforce yours to get you back out on the streets protecting us.

You handle the legal advice, and we take care of the CV advice.

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Follow our CV guides to help you get the job you lawfully deserve! It's time for a CV makeover. Repair yours with our excellent CV templates. Use our sample CVs, fix up yours, and make sure it's in tip-top shape.

Consider us your outside consultant. Whether you craft compelling copy, take two on television, or report rumors and revelations, you know how to send a message. Send the hiring manager a powerful message about how you're the best fit for the job with a great CV. The small details are what matters in this field—the same applies to making your healthcare CV better than all others. Writing a retail CV not your cup of tea?

Fret not. Our guides will have them calling you for an appointment PDQ. These guides aren't geared for a specific industry but are examples of CVs for different scenarios you'll find yourself at different stages of your career. Edited and co-authored 3 monographs on contemporary trends in drama and performative arts.

Published over 30 articles in peer-reviewed journals. Taught a total of 18 undergraduate and 9 postgraduate courses, mainly focused on contemporary conceptual drama and performative arts, as well as experimental poetry and fiction. Supervised 12 MA theses. Member of the Postgraduate Studies Board from to Assisted in developing and executing core curriculum requirements for over 20 under- and postgraduate courses.

Supervised 16 BA theses and 6 MA theses. The Squishy, Sugary History of Peeps.

cv elena zamparutti 2018

As a fresh graduate entering the market, writing a CV is difficult.It was the first Greek win in the contest's history and transformed her career. Her album was subsequently certified double platinum by the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry of Greece.

Paparizou attempted a career beyond Greece with English-language material, charting in a few countries abroad.


Her fifth studio album Giro Apo T' Oneiro was also certified platinum. Paparizou established herself as a teen idolparticularly among young girls. She has endorsed the brands Nokia and Ivi. For the periodshe advertised hair colour products for Koleston company in Greece. In the s she tried to move into television as a judge on Dancing on Ice and as a contestant on Let's Dance SincePaparizou has been a judge at The Voice of Greece.

On 14 MarchAlpha TV ranked her as the 14th top-certified domestic female artist sincehaving won seven platinum and four gold records.

Paparizou was the most successful debuting female artist of the s and established herself as one of the top acts of the latter half of the decade. As ofshe has been certified for the sales ofalbums, 47, singles, and 30, digital downloads by IFPI Greece, in addition tototal record sales in Greece as part of Antique, [1] 24, certified albums in Cyprus, and 80, singles in Sweden during her solo career.

InForbes listed Paparizou as the 21st most powerful and influential celebrity in Greece. She has more than million views on YouTube —more than any other artist in the Greek music industry. Paparizou became interested in the arts at a young age, attending singing, dancing and acting classes alongside her academic studies. She began lessons in piano, ballet and Greek dance at seven years of age, [ citation needed ] and performed for the first time in front of a Greek audience when she was eleven, singing Christos Dantis ' "Moro Mou".

They played hip hop music while saving money to record songs; they disbanded two years later. She had begged her mother to let her go to the party, but was not allowed to attend.

She started classes at the Art Performing School where she studied theater, acting, television and directing. Insome DJ friends of Paparizou's brother asked Paparizou to make a demo of the Notis Sfakianakis hit " Opa Opa ", [10] but because the lyrics are written from a male point of view, Paparizou wanted to sing with her childhood friend Nikos Panagiotidis. They won joint first place, but as "Antique" had also won the public vote were declared the overall winners and went to the Eurovision Song Contest in Copenhagen.

They recorded four studio albums—which were only mildly successful—performed a small European and North American tour and collaborated with artists including Katy Garbi and Slavi Trifonov. Paparizou said the split was not permanent, but was a mutual decision to try other things, with plans of a reunion in mind. In latePaparizou signed a solo recording contract with Sony Music and released her debut single " Anapandites Kliseis ", [18] as a double A-side with "Treli Kardia".

At the award ceremony, Paparizou sang a duet of the song with its writer Christos Dantis.When writing a curriculum vitae CVyour objective is to provide details of your professional, academic, and extracurricular achievements. The details will vary slightly depending on your industry as well as your experience. A medical curriculum vitae should include details of your education undergraduate and graduatefellowships, licensing, certifications, publications, teaching and professional work experience, awards you have received, and associations you belong to.

Is a CV right for you? Length: Typically, CVs are at least two pages long, sometimes longer. While not every job search expert still believes that resumes should be kept to one pageresumes are typically briefer than CVs. However, even with more room to expand, job seekers should be careful only to include information that pertains to the job.

Unrelated job titles, experience, and skills will only draw attention away from your more relevant qualifications. If you do some of your headings in bold, you should do all of them. If you choose to italicize job titles or employers, you should do so throughout.

Customization: Write a customized CV for every job opening. Sending out a cookie-cutter CV or resume is a good way to get your application tossed. Proofread your document carefully and make sure that the tenses, names of companies, and formatting are consistent throughout. Send references only upon request, separately from your CV.

cv elena zamparutti 2018

Like many curricula vitae, this medical CV example follows a standard format and contains sections for education, certification and licensure, graduate medical training including internship, residency, and fellowship historyprofessional experience, publications, and honors and awards.

This particular example is for a physician with a focus on neurology. This person also teaches in medical school, so her curriculum vitae includes a section describing her teaching experience.

Appleton, J. Pittsburgh, PA, How to Become a Doctor. Job Searching Curriculum Vitae. Full Bio Follow Linkedin. Follow Twitter. Alison Doyle is the job search expert for The Balance Careers, and one of the industry's most highly-regarded job search and career experts. Read The Balance's editorial policies.

Download the Word Template. New York, NY Continue Reading.Elena Asins Madrid2 March — Azpirotz, Navarra14 December was a prominent visual artistwriterlecturer and critic.

Her plastic language was based on computer systematic calculation. Asins pioneered the convergence between theoretical computer science and the minimal and geometrical tendencies of the s. She belongs to the first generation of artists using computers to generate art.

Asins' artistic research was initially linked to the experimental circles that emerged in Spain during the final decades of the Francoist dictatorship.

In these institutions, she studied the theoretic computational aesthetic of Max Bensethe linguistic theories of Noam Chomskythe music of Mozart and mystical texts from the Old and New Testament to Wittgenstein's philosophy.

In conversation with art historian Joan Robledo-Palopthe artist explains the foundation of her aesthetic:. I work on white paper with black lines or on black paper with white lines; these have been my first works. It was a work where I was searching for myself, but it was so long ago that I almost cannot recall. I started working with abstraction when I was 23 years old. Additionally, what interests me is the essence of the structure, to have in my hand the base of all possible construction.

Naturally, colors do not give you this kind of understanding; that is something that is provided by a structure, which let's say is a way of organizing the world. The organization of elements that produce a world; it produces an aesthetic. It is a play in a Wittgensteinian sense that reveals the truth or the logic of things. Since the s, Asins devoted an important effort to public sculpture. Examples of her work are permanently installed in the Museo al Aire Libre FuengirolaMalagaVitoria AlavaBerantevilla Alavaand Zarautz Gipuzkoawhere she created Canons 22[5] one of her most monumental works installed in front of the seascape.

Asins' work is represented in many permanent collections across the world. The Reina Sofia Museum in Madrid has the largest body of work in a public collection, since the museum became the recipient of her estate and personal archive in From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Elena Asins. MadridSpain. Azpirotz, NavarraSpain.

Retrieved 5 July Forma: Revista d'estudis comparatius. Art, literatura, pensament. Retrieved 9 July LeagueSenglea Athletics - Naxxar Lions FC121. LeaguePolokwane City - Bidvest Wits121. Ireland ChampionshipLurgan Celtic - Larne121. Ireland PremiershipCliftonville - GlenavonUnder 3. SouthWelling United - Truro City121.

SouthPoole Town - WestonX21. Premier LeagueBurnley - Watford121. Ireland ChampionshipPortadown - Dergview1X1. LgeAL Qadisiyah FC - Al NassrX21. WS Wanderers FC W. Rwanda - TanzaniaFC Mariupol - Stal KamianskeJuventus U19 - Verona U19West Ham - ChelseaSenglea Athletics - Naxxar Lions FCSpartak Trnava - 1.

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Helena Paparizou

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cv elena zamparutti 2018

The Shape Of Water Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, MissouriDIRECTOR Darren Aronofsky, mother. Frances McDormand, Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, MissouriSupporting Actor: Sam Rockwell, Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri Alt. Michael Stuhlbarg, Call Me By Your NameWith the past few years of voting patterns, and seeming openness of this year, it seems pretty ripe for a very spread out field of winners. The best awards season in years.

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No definite frontrunners in most categories. One thing is for sure: Best Picture will once again go to an Independent film. As it has for the past 8 years, except for Argo. The preferential ballot somehow is just taylor made for passion choices.

Where academy voters appreciate a well made, economical budgeted film. The film you feel bad about not voting for. Call Me By Your Name 3. The Shape of WaterLead Actor 1. Margot RobbieSupporting Actor 1. Richard JenkinsSupporting Actress 1.

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Kristen Scott Thomas 4. Octavia SpencerBest Director 1. Guillermo Del Toro 3. Greta GerwigThe huge contenders this year are Dunkirk, The Shape of Water, and Call Me By Your Name. After his comments about the Hollywood Foreign Press, will Gary Oldman win the Golden Globe. Or even be nominated. I can see a that happening.

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